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Develop your apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop Linux and Windows using a single Java source code.



TotalCross has a lot of samples to help you create your apps. All the TotalCross API has documentation and sample codes. Learn more about how to create beautiful and powerful User Interfaces with the samples below

TotalCross Samples App

Rich User Interfaces

Do you want to create rich user interfaces with translucent controls, similar to Windows Phone? Download the source code and learn more.

Sample Store

Do you want to create your own store for mobile devices? This sample source code is for you. Here you will find out how to start your app, with basic components. Download now and learn more.

Google Play

Facebook UI Sample

What about a social app? Do you want to create your own social network? This sample shows how to create an app with user interface similar to Facebook. Download now and learn more.

Google Play

Download TotalCross API

Do you want to know more about TotalCross API? Our API is open, check out on GitHub. This is very useful if you want to create your own components or extend TotalCross Platform.

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